The waterskiing competitions will be run in accordance with the most recent technical rules of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF), unless otherwise stated. In the event of a disagreement on the interpretation of the rules, the English text will be regarded as authoritative.

The programme and the duration of the competitions will be fixed by the Executive Committee in agreement with the Organising Committee and the CTI. In principle, the competitions will last five (5) days and will include the following events:


Slalom  |  Water tricks  |  Water jumps  |  Overall


Slalom  |  Water tricks  |  Water jumps  |  Overall

Classification by team:

Each country may enter a maximum of thirteen (13) persons, of which eight (8) competitors and five (5) officials with at least two (2) competitors of the opposite gender and up to 2 substitutes.

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  • Selection Criteria

    Selection Criteria

    Selections are now closed. Please refer Athlete tab for selected athletes. 

  • Athletes


    Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to compete as a Uniroo at the 2016 Waterski World University Championship in Akita, Japan.

    Name Position University
    Joshua Briant Team Member Rollins - Florida USA
    Sarah Lochner Team Member Monash University
    Trent Nelson Cranfield Team Member Western Sydney University
    Harrison Harber Team Member Curtin University / Open Universities
    Patrick Crisp Team Member Latrobe University (Bendigo)
    Jessica Schmidt  Team Member University of the Sunshine Coast
    Jake Duperouzel Team Reserve Edith Cowan University
    Peter Lochner Team Manager  
    Rebecca Lochner Assistant Team Manager  
    Wayne Briant Team Coach  
    Zuze Briant Assistant Team Coach  



  • Competition Schedule

    Competition Schedule

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  • Photos


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  • Results


    Congratulations to our Uniroos who competed in the World University Waterski Championship in Akita, Japan.


    Name Event Result
    Joshua Briant Tricks 1st – Gold Medal
      Jumps 2nd – Silver Medal
      Slalom 17th
      Overall 2nd – Silver Medal
    Harrison Harber Tricks 21st
      Jumps 9th
      Slalom 21st
      Overall 10th
    Trent Nelson Cranfield Tricks 22nd
      Jumps 12th
      Slalom 13th
      Overall 11th
    Patrick Crisp Tricks 19th
      Jumps 18th
      Slalom 12th
      Overall 13th
    Sarah Lochner Slalom 19th
      Tricks 17th
    Jessica Schmidt Slalom 23rd
      Tricks 18th
    Team Overall 4th

    Full results:

    Men's Slalom

    Men's Tricks

    Men's Jumps

    Men's Overall

    Ladies Slalom

    Ladies Tricks

    Team Overall


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