The netball tournament will be organised in accordance with the most recent technical regulations of the “International Netball Federation” (INF).

In any dispute, the English text will be regarded as authoritative.

The programme and duration of the competitions will be fixed by the Executive Committee in agreement with the Organising Committee and the CTI. In principle, the programme will last a maximum of five (5) days from the Opening Ceremony to the Closing Ceremony and will include the following events: one (1) women’s tournament: maximum twelve (12) teams. The tournament shall be organised indoor.

Each country may enter a maximum of seventeen (17) persons from which twelve (12) competitors and five (5) officials. Each participating country must present: one (1) team of up to twelve (12) players.

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  • Selection Criteria

    Selection Criteria

    Selections are now closed. Please refer Athlete tab for selected athletes. 

  • Athletes


    Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to compete as a Uniroo at the 2016 Netball World University Championship in Miami, USA.

    First Name Last Name University
    Michelle Newgrosh Griffith University
    Chantelle Harrex Griffith University
    Courteney Chapman Griffith University
    Kristen Oxenford Griffith University
    Cheryl Renagi Griffith University
    Leah Middleton Griffith University
    Brienna Purvis Griffith University
    Ruby Paton Griffith University
    Peta Coles Griffith University
    Cara Koenen Griffith University
    Denise Pepe Griffith University
    Rylie Holland Griffith University
    Ashley Ngauamo Manager
    Harriet Nash Assistant Manager







  • Competition Schedule

    Competition Schedule

    Please visit the event website for the full schedule

  • Results


    Congratulations to the Uniroos netball team who won a bronze medal at the 2016 World University Netball competition.

    For full results please visit the event website

  • Photos


    Content still to come - Please check back again soon.



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